Proposed Bylaws Revision:

The Bylaws will be on the agenda and the major topic of discussion at the monthly ULCNA meetings, with a possible vote on accepting the committee recommendations in early 2020.

If you have immediate Bylaw opinions or comments you would like shared, Kurt will accept emails ( Otherwise, all other inquiries and feedback about Bylaws will be dealt with at the regular February 2020 meeting.

After meeting with counsel on 1-07-2020, two clarifying changes have been made to the proposed revised by-laws:

 In Article II, a sentence was added after the first sentence.
 In Article VI, Section 3 under responsibilities of the DSRB in the first of four listed items- the word “determined” was changed to “recommend”.
The vote to approve will take place at either the February board meeting (unless cancelled) or at our March meeting.
Proposed Bylaws Revision (updated 01-07-2020):
Current Bylaws: