PUD Hearing by Taos County Planning CommissionTarleton Ranch Eco-Village is launching their much anticipated website on Thursday February 8, 2024. TREV has started their advertising campaign prior to the public hearing of the Taos County Planning Commission.

Taos County Planning Commission, will hold public hearings on Thursday, February 15th, 2024, at 10 a.m., in the Taos County Commission Chambers, located at 105 Albright Street, Suite A, Taos, New Mexico.

During the meeting the Taos County Planning Commissioners will discuss, consider and take action on the matters identified as:

“Subdivision consisting of a 413 lot subdivision on four (4) parcels of land totaling 331.433+-acres with the lots ranging in size from .0574+-acres to 11.00+-acres”

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Tarleton Ranch Eco-VIllage

Written by John Halley, TREV Master Planner, and updated in January 2021

Located in the Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood just north of Taos on the highway to Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, the Tarleton Ranch property has been a working cattle ranch and hay farm, owned and maintained by the same family for over three generations. The Tarleton Family now wants to develop approximately 330 acres with a variety of mixed uses, in a manner that preserves approximately 160 acres of the property as an open space park amenities for community recreation and agriculture.

Working with the Tarleton family and local developer Mark Yaravitz,  John Halley of GaiaQuest has master planned a Permaculture based evolution of the existing Tarleton Ranch into a vibrant mixed-use eco-village development and eco-farm, designed as a pedestrian oriented mixed-use PUD community with renewable energy opportunities, year round organic food production, community open space recreation opportunities, enhanced ecosystem biodiversity and lifestyles that contribute a net zero carbon footprint opportunity that the health of our planet depends on for future generations. To be developed around a central regeneratively sustainable eco-farm park designed to produce bountiful localized nutrient rich organic food, the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village concept also uniquely offers local businesses, residents and visitors an opportunity for healthy regeneratively-sustainable lifestyles of live, work and play. 

Our unique interdisciplinary village planning incorporates principles and concepts of Traditional Neighborhood Design, New Urbanism and Permaculture Science  in a manner similar to successful communities like Seabrook (Washington), Lookout (Washington), Sea Ranch (California) and Village Homes (California).  The master plan proposal for this unique property includes the following eco-village  features, uses, businesses and amenities:

Eco-Farm integrating Agriculture into an Open Space Community Park (160 acres)*
Eco-Farm(Demonstration & Retail)
    •    Farm Retail Center & Nursery
    •    Farm Service Center Facility
    •    Eco-Farm Open Space with in-ground crop production cells
    •    Aquaponic, Hydroponic & Live Soil Greenhouse production
    •    Food Forest (Polyculture) Ecosystems & Shelter Belts
    •    Heirloom Seed Bank
    •    Mulch, Compost, Live Soil & Organic Fertilizer Production
    •    Permaculture Demonstration & Education Center (GaiaQuest)
    •    Worm Farm & Bee Keeping
Irrigation Features, Sources & Earthworks*
    •    Acequia
    •    Gray Water
    •    Storm water
    •    Stream
    •    Swale Basin Irrigation & Related Permaculture Earthworks
    •    Tertiary Treatment Plant Outflow, cycled through 
    •    Engineered wetland purification system w/reed beds
Ranch Animals & Protein Sources*– Expansion of existing ranch operation to include the following species integrated into the eco-farm service center, grazing pastures, food forests, lane-way access corridors and greenhouses (aquatic species).
    •    Cattle
    •    Other Big Animals (Pigs, Goats & Sheep)
    •    Small Animals (ducks, poultry  & rabbits)
    •    Fish & Other Aquatic Species Production

Village Center Development (73 Commercial lots)*
    •    Primary Luxury Hotel, Spa & Restaurant
    •    Support Hospitality (Hotel, Inn, B&B & Hostel)
Retail & Services
    •    Art Galleries
    •    Bank
    •    Brewery
    •    Car Rental
    •    Coffee House / Bakery
    •    Distillery
    •    Eldercare, Urgent Care & Medical
    •    Fitness, Pool, Spa & Wellness Center
    •    Grocery & Deli
    •    Mercantile with Light Hardware
    •    Office Space
    •    Pharmacy (such as CVS, Walgreens, Pharmaca, etc.)
    •    Real Estate Sales & Rentals
    •    Restaurant
    •    Specialty Shops
    •    Stations for Charging Electric Cars
Village Center Live/Work*
    •    2 & 3 story Live/Work opportunities
    •    Permanent commercial use at ground floor level
    •    flexible mixed uses @ 2nd & 3rd stories.

Residential Development (315 Lots + 22 Lots @ Cielo)*
Apartment and/or Condominium
Neighborhood Live/Work
    •    Available for occupancy as Live/Work or Town homes
Single Family Detached Homes
Variety of Attached Homes
    •    Town Homes, Patio Homes & Courtyard Houses
Work Force & Employee Housing
    •    Entry Level Starter Homes and Rentals
    •    Work Force Housing Opportunity for Taos Ski Valley

Village Amenities & Resources*
Community Center & Town Hall
Eco-Farm Park, Central Park, Plaza & Neighborhood Parks
Firehouse w/ EMS Services
Recreation Amenities:
    •    Multi-use Community Paths & Trails with Athletic Facilities 
    •    Ponds, Pool, Picnic Areas, Fire Pits, BBQs, Dog Park, etc.
Renewable Energy* –
    •    Low Temperature Ground-Sourced Geothermal
    •    Onsite Community Solar Electric Farm
    •    Solar Thermal Heating


Not the current map, (2017).

Original Master Plan was introduced to the Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood Association during the summer 2017, based on mixed-use neo-traditional, new urbanist and permaculture planning principles and practices combined with local Taos County traditions and LUR code requirements. In response to an invitation to join the project’s master planning process, the Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood community has provided many valuable suggestions and ideas at ULCNA meeting presentations for evolving versions of the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Master Plan. 


This resulting Master Plan was submitted to Taos County Planning Department in 2019. 

In response to Taos County review and ongoing neighborhood input, the evolution and development of the master plan continued through 2020.  Updated application documents will be submitted to Taos County sometime during the first quarter of 2021 and shared with ULCNA when the application is deemed complete by the Taos County Planning Department.


Community Feedback & Comments:

To help ULCNA members stay informed, the ULCNA Board has provided the following feedback and comments about the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village project:

• Recap of member concerns regarding the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village project, available at this link:
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• Opinions expressed by the ULCNA Board in regard to their reason for “Support” or “No Support “of the TREV (as of 10/21/18).
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• Opinions of Members & in regard to their reason for “Support” or “No Support “of the TREV (as of 10/21/18). 
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