Our Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood (ULCN) is served by existing Land Use ordinances that all ULCN development and construction must comply with. Zoning for our Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood was originally established as Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood Sub Zones in the existing Taos County Land Use Ordinances 2003-1 and 2003-7. And the Taos County Land Use Regulations Ordinance 2018-2 provides comprehensive Land Use Regulations (LUR’s) in compliance with Taos County’s existing General Plan, Economic Development Plan. ULCNA Members and anyone considering the purchase and/or development of ULCNA property are encouraged to read and get familiar with all of these documents, or at least 2003-1, 2003-7 and 2018-2. PDF copies are available for download at this website’s “Existing Zoning and LUR” page. »

ULCNA Members should also get familiar with a new land use ordinance proposal that may be approved and adopted by Taos County soon. For many years, the ULCNA has been working with Taos County to create a Rezone Application that Taos County Staff is now finalizing with an intention of proposing it for review and approval by the Taos County Planning Commission and review, approval and adoption by the Taos County Commission. If approved and adopted, this new ordinance would repeal and replace Ordinances 2003-1 and 2003-7. The Rezone Application is introduced in more detail at this website’s “Proposed Rezoning” page. »